2015/12/29 21:42:55

News from the Flare project has been sparse, if not silent. So I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss what we’ve been working on to those who may not be closely following development on Github. The features and fixes I’ll discuss have been implemented since the last developer log video.

Features for players

Core engine features

User interface improvements

Improved input device mapping

Gameplay features

Features for developers

Empyrean mod

Steady progress is being made on the game we will be shipping with the 1.0 engine. The game will be divided into 4 chunks, each with 3 side-quests. The first 3 chunks will have a large dungeon at the end containing a major boss. The last chunk will be the lead-up to and confrontation with the final boss. As of now, the first of these chunks is finished, while the second chunk is about half way finished. Here’s a quick overview of what’s in store for players:

New website

In between working on the engine and the Empyrean mod, I’ve also started to work on creating a new web site for the Flare engine. One of the main reasons for a new web site is to allow other contributors besides Clint to make blog posts. That way, I would be able to provide updates directly on the Flare site. Most recently, I worked on migrating all of the blog posts from the current Flare site to this new one.

Discussion about the new site can be found on this Github thread.

New Flare Blog: preview screenshot