2014/07/22 20:13:48

So Clint filled me in on his plans for the Empyrean campaign. I now have a better grasp on the theme of each map along the path of the main path, so my map concepts should start to fit more closely with the storyline. Today's map is the Book of the Dead, a simple chamber that appears early on, but isn't fully used until later in the game.

book of the dead alpha


2014/07/18 21:42:16

I mapped out the cave area for the coastal map I posted the other day. I personally like how the exit is visible near the entrance of the map. The lootable barrel teases the player a bit and makes them want to travel there.

coast cave map alpha


2014/07/16 05:59:45

Engine work for Flare has slowed down a lot, so I decided to start brainstorming some new map ideas. The plan for maps in the Empyrean campaign shows that we plan to have a lot of places to visit. The map I worked on tonight fits in between the goblin camp and the bridge area. It's a coastal area featuring two fisherman's shacks and a short cave (will be another map). Here's a preview of how it looks so far:

coast map alpha


2014/07/11 03:34:54

Tonight, I hacked together a set of features for Flare that I've had on the back burner for a while now. The save system in Flare was hard-coded to automatically save whenever the player moved to a new map, or when they quit the game. The problem with this is that it becomes easy to "cheese" death when the game gets hard by simply closing the window. Maybe that's okay for the game that we'll initally be making, since plain-text save files make cheating easy enough anyway. However, I think making this area flexible is important for creating other games, as save points can be important to the pacing of a game.


2014/07/06 20:06:33

One week later, I've finished all the tasks I had set out to complete on Flare. I'm very happy with the removal of the --game flag, since I feared that would cause a lot of cases where people couldn't launch their game.

I was also able to take care of all the critical TODOs, FIXMEs, and static analysis related bugs. The engine is pretty solid, so I forsee us moving into the feature freeze/bug testing and translation stages soon.


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