My name is Justin, and I write free software (the libre kind). I generally stick to game development, but I’ve contributed a little to some non-game projects as well. Besides video games, my interests include:
  • Japanese anime and manga. My two stand-out favorite series are Hidamari Sketch and Outlaw Star.
  • Late 80s/early 90s Lego, namely the Town, Space, and Castle themes.
  • Arduino and hobby electronics in general. I'm new to this, so there's much for me to learn.

If you wish to contact me, you can do so via email.
You can also find me on:


(To see a full list of things I’ve hacked on, check out my Github profile)

Flare Clint Bellanger’s Flare is a fantastic free-software action RPG, similar to the Diablo series. I’ve been helping with development since March of 2012 and have since become the lead developer.
Freeblocks Created as my January 2013 OneGameAMonth project, Freeblocks is a game similar to Tetris Attack. While not a direct clone, it’s still quite fun to play.
Noman’s Dungeon This is a turn-based, rogue-like created for Ludum Dare #31. The goal is to travel to the last floor, retrieve the elusive trophy, and return to the surface. After the game jam was finished, I wrote about the process and the end result.
feedreader A simple GTK2-based RSS reader that sits in the system tray. It displays a simple list of articles per feed, each of which can be opened in a web browser. I don’t personally use this anymore, but it was my first experience making something with GTK2.
keylock-tray My current laptop doesn't have LEDs for CapsLock and NumLock, so I created a program that displays their status as tray icons. It uses GTK2 and XKB and features command line flags to change the background/foreground colors of the icons.
Other Contributions
cdogs-sdl Assist with port to Emscripten.
RetroArch Added ability to delete cores via the UI.
spacefm Added support for video thumbnails with ffmpegthumbnailer.
Tiled Updates to the Flare plugin.
Improved tab closing functionality.
Added ability to reorder terrains.